Wednesday, April 13, 2011

recent finds...

Although I am still recuperating from the Spring Market show I have managed to find a few new/old projects and treasures.  While out over the weekend I found this sweet little vanity chair
new seat and paint job coming soon.
Also, I nabbed these great bar stools for a deal..(..originally $150 each...price was on the bottom) and I have already started on them.
super cute little blue shutters

old watering can now sitting on my porch Minnie Pearl style  (for you real young people that means with the tag still hanging)
and the cherry on top.......  a Vintage Midge doll.....

and although Mr. Brilliant sat in the truck most of this trip, he did so with a semi smile on his face....gotta lurve that man o' mine!  Stay tuned for updates on these projects!  Peace my friends!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Market

Today I participated in my first ever "show".  It was a Spring Market show sponsored by the Junior Auxiliary of West Memphis.  It was also a first for them.  Hats off to these ladies as they were very gracious, helpful, and organized.  I for one will participate again.  Here are some pictures of my booth.

The crowd was super complimentary and my head was so big I almost couldn't get in the truck to get home!! I sold many things. (a few b-lurved things...can't keep it all!) I had a 10'x10' booth and Mr. Brilliant told me there was no way I was going to get all that to'd think he'd have learned by now. ( Did he forget the Firebird, 4 chairs, table, and baby in a carseat trip??)  Peace my friends!!

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