Sunday, December 11, 2011

True Love

I saw this great statement on Pinterest. I have an abundance of wood scraps and cabinet doors but never make the time to  do anything with them.  In fact I pulled this door out of  Mr. Brilliant's trash pile.  It had already been painted and glazed, but it was the wrong size for the cabinet. (Now let me add here that rarely happens because Mr. Brilliant didn't get that name for nothing.) I used my Cricut and cut out a stencil and wah lah here you have it.......

I think this would look great on a mantle with a beautiful nativity scene. If it doesn't sell in a few days it is coming home with me!! Peace my friends!!

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Vintage Christmas

Wow! It's been a long time!! I started a new job and I have been super busy. (I must insert here that I lurve my new job!! :) ) I haven't had a lot of time to decorate and the closer it gets I just think... Why bother? You'll just have to take it all down.  (I had decorated my little treasure store and I guess I just decored out!)  However, I purchased a silver vintage tree in Canton and knew I just HAD to put it up!  My 22 year old son was not impressed but he doesn't live here anymore so raspberries to him. He just doesn't appreciate the "vintageyness" of it all.  So in my will it will have to be left to one of my junking friends. So here she is in all her scraggly Charlie Brown glory with her vintage bells on top and my vintage snow people on the bottom. (The lights still work on the bells and the snow people!)
must've been drinkin' a lil eggnog when I took this...just tilt your head a little when looking
great vintage bells (bought in their original package)
lurve my snow couple!!!
Be good! Santa is watching!!
Peace my friends!
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