Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coming up in 2011

Do you make new year's resolutions? Do you keep them?  Do you go back at the end of the year and review?  If  I did make any resolutions last year, I don't remember them and I didn't write them down.  However, since I am an Oh-ficial blogger I have a place to write them down and review them.  I have decided not to call them resolutions.  The word resolution comes from the word resolve, which makes me  think of problems, which makes me feel negative. Sooooo I have decided to write my "goals" for 2011.  It is kind of scary to write them down for others to see, but hey sometimes it takes me a few eyes over the shoulder to get myself  in gear. 
 Goals for 2011 (I am sticking with 3) and the steps to meeting these goals.
The first one is not new to anyone but considering my health issues the past 6 months, my first goal is to (surprise)
#1 Get back to my ideal body weight
   How am I going to do this?
        * attend my weekly WW meetings (weight watchers) and follow the plan
        * walk on my treadmill/ or outside a minimum of 20 minutes per day
        * brown bag my lunch during the school week  (and how about this funky junk lunch box, I think my friends might wonder about me, if they don't already)
That eyeball is a little creepy.

My second goal is something that (along with the weight issue) I have struggled with all my life...getting and staying organized.  I think the stress of procrastinating also contributes to some of my recent health issues. Therefore I am going to become an
#2  Anti-procrastinator
     How am I going to do this? I don't know... I'll think about that one later! (just kidding)
     * work on  a daily schedule and stick to it. ( I don't know why but Eat, Pray,and Love comes to mind here and I haven't read the book or seen the movie.) My schedule must include a time to pray, a time to eat (refer back to goal 1),  and a time to do things I love. Hmmm, something is missing.  Oh yeah! It must also include a time for my serious work.(Um you know the one I get paid to do.)  It can't just be all about me. When I get all about myself, that's when I procrastinate and things get all messy and stressy. Ok, enough self analysis...
     *I am not going to allow myself to start another project until recently started projects are either purged or finished.  ( I'll be working on that list in a bit.... not procrastinating now, just can't do this and that at the same time.)

Time to purge this project...cause it ain't happening...(it will probably end up in #3)
      Last, but not least is something in which I have become more and more interested. I am going to expand my love of thrifting, garage "saling" and flea marketeering into areas other than just my occasional treasure store sale. So I am going to .....
#3  Expand my business
 How will I do this?
I will be opening an Etsy store focusing on vintage items. (Etsy store opening projected date January 31st, 2011)  Don't worry I will post the grand opening.  Although, I currently list items on Ebay I am committing to listing 2 items per week. This week I have 4 items listed. (yay me!)

Whew!! I am tired now!  However,I can't forget I am also taking the thrift pledge in 2011.

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Favorite Finds

Due to some issues I am having with my wrist, my blogging has been few and far between lately. ( I am also using the holidays as an excuse.) However, I am trying to jump back on the bloggin band wagon by posting a few of my favorite finds of 2010. My number one has to be my cottage on the lake.  I am not quite ready to show the entire thing yet, but here is my FAVE part, the deck looking out on the lake....

My fab funky finds at my fave junk store: These boots

(yes I wear them)
and this
 chippy table

and this retro chair

(table came from fave flea market CANTON, TEXAS!! yee haw)
Here I am in Canton, which is my  fave road trip.
This is one of my fave pieces of art ($5).  It's title says "Going to town on Saturday" and it is a great likeness of my own family.  Mr. B trying to get the old car started. (We have a few old cars and attend car shows.) The little terrier barking (Skippy), me sitting on the side of the car a looking very impatient (can't wait to get to town) and little Mr. B climbing over the seat aggravating all of us. (Except my little Mr. B is 6'4" now!)
A closer view

My fave vintage clothing Mad Men coat..100%cashmere with mink collar ($10). Yep I wear this too but not with the cowboy boots.
 I cannot end this post without my fave place (although I didn't find it in 2010) pout woman cave away from home... my treasure store!!
How about you?? What are some of your fave finds  from this past year??
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making it happen

Seriously, how do people do it....women with careers, families, and great hobbies?  It seems as though I can never find the time or energy to juggle everything and make it all come out like I would like.  I need someone to constantly push me.  I have a bazillion ideas zooming around in my head and it seems like as soon as I get one thing started another idea pops up and I will start that too, without finishing the first. (Kinda sounds like ADD, and I am qualified to do that assessment, just not give myself a formal diagnosis.) My husband, Mr. Brilliant is soooo not like me.  He will start something and is almost obsessive about getting it finished.  This is why I lurve him.  He keeps me sane (most of the time), pushes me to finish projects, but most of all he is never afraid to try a new business venture.  A recent post on Funky Junk Interiors (a blog I lurve) asked what is holding you back.  After reading, thinking, and after some of the days I have recently had at my "real" job I know what holds me back from doing things I really want to try.  It is fear.  Plain and simple. I am not sure where the fear comes from except maybe that I might become homeless, starve to death, have no retirement, no insurance, etc.. you get the picture. After a sweet email from Donna at Funk Junk Interiors  I have decided it is time to no longer be afraid. I don't want to spend another day on this earth wondering what might have been or if only.  I have decided  I should at the very least say I tried. Yep it is time to seize the day. Follow up post coming soon....But in the meantime I am going to post my favorite holiday/party recipe and am linking up to Funky Junk Interiors Holiday Recipe party. 

Spicy Pretzels

1lb bag of pretzels (I like the small twists)
1 envelope of  Hidden Valley Ranch  dry seasoning (or dip mix)
3/4 cup of oil (I use Canola)
crushed red pepper flakes (as much as you like)

You need a very large air tight container.  First mix the oil, seasoning, and red pepper flakes in the bottom of  the bowl....

 Then pour in the pretzels and stir to coat the pretzels.

  Put the lid on your container and turn the bowl upside, then right side up every so often for about 2 days.

  Then try not to make yourself sick from eating too many!!

Now on to more randomness
remember this post about the funky chair.  Now the chair has a funky friend...the hanging domino table (aka the table that I dropped twice and broke twice).  I bought this in Canton but I neglected to get the ladies card. She had some really cool stuff.  I knew right away the table was a perfect mate for the retro chair.  It fell out of my wagon on the way to my truck and I lost a few dominoes.  Then when I got home I dropped it again!!(of course I was trying to carry too much so I wouldn't have to go back to the truck..don't ya hate that!..cause you always break/drop/or something rolls under the vehicle when your hands are full.)  The second time it was a total loss. The top fell off, chipped the edge, and lost some more dominoes.  UGH! I so lurved this table and was about to cry.  Mr. Brilliant came to the rescue and here it sits.... the perfect couple.

Yep it is funky!!I wish I could take credit for making this, but I just can't.  However, I am a terrific finder!! 
Now other randomness.... remember the wall of mirrors I keep mentioning? Here is the work in progress:
I was inspired by this blog   Hers is on a much larger scale. I had to tweak to my small room.  I am sooo in lurve with hers though!!                              
Other randomness coming soon....Peace my friends!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Blue Christmas???

Nah not blue in the sense that I am sad, except this will be the first Christmas without my grandma. However, it is a little hard to be blue even about that when I know where she is spending eternity. I have posted about a few things that I had gotten when she passed away.  These were always a part of her Christmas decor....

They were made for her by one of her student's parents at least 30 or more years ago.  I have gotten them out and freshened them up slightly with a little paint. These are very beautiful and bring back wonderful memories.  My other holiday makeovers include these two old suitcases (something else I lurve). 

letters are cut from an Atlas, modge podged, and glittered

Yep I am from Arkansas, Woo Pig!!

Also, I painted this sled and added some pink bling.
More updates coming soon, I had to get my Dollar Tree tree up and started. A week ago I put the question out there tree or not to tree??? Well, I just do not want to get out all the ornaments, fake trees, etc this year and didn't.  I left the old faithfuls in the closet, went to Wally world bought a $20 live tree. (Is it still alive if it has been cut?? no, how about a dead live tree??)I put it on a box Mr. Brilliant built to make it appear to be a $30 tree.  Then I decorated it with a bunch of ornaments from Dollar Tree I had purchased a while back that I had intended to use in a project. (That project obviously did not craft ination again!!)
The end result (well I am not happy with the topper so I am sure that will change) is my pottery barnish/ trailerhood tree.  Whatdaya think??  I am having a blue (light special)Christmas!
Peace my friends!!
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

weekend finds

This past weekend was one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. Since I no longer have a little one at home that wants the latest toy, I don't do Black Friday. (I am not kidding.)  I cannot take the crowd, or the pushing, or the rudeness, and I really don't like to get up super early just to buy a $3 toaster.  (Now I will get up early for a flea market or a garage sale- I like the unexpected.) I spent my weekend with Mr. Brilliant tagging along. (He has learned not to second guess my purchases, but he still makes comments, which I allow only because I conveniently leave my purse in the truck when he tags along.) Here are some of my weekend finds.
A great apothecary jar, small mirror (wall of mirrors picture coming soon), mirror tray, small lamp ($1 :)) vintage fox fur collar. Please don't ask why I bought this (Mr. Brilliant was shaking his head.)
Actually it is a great Mexican dress. We are having a Christmas around the world program at school and a friend needed a costume.  I am assuming that some drunk American tourist just couldn't resist. (Hmm, I hadn't been drinking and I still bought it.) I don't think it has ever been worn. (Because she sobered up.) Speaking of drinking, many of you know I have been on the look out for bottles for my bottle tree and I have found some!! Now if the lady that I bought these from would just drink a little more, I could complete my tree!! (I swear I DID NOT drink all of those bottles of wine, but I do lurve the blue.)  It is going to look great in my cottage house yard. I bought the tree in Canton and wagged it about a mile to the truck.

I hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Peace my friends!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

vintage fever

Well my "real" job has put a slight cramp in my blogging the last two weeks, but hey we gotta eat around here.  If you have been reading my blog you know how much I lurve junk treasures.  Lately  I have been gravitating toward vintage fabrics and fashion. (Who knows why?) The following finds are from my  recent escapades.  Not sure what I am going to do with these but I was originally thinking finally opening an Etsy store. However, the hoarder within is saying, "mmm those will look good on you!" and the evil mini me that is on my left shoulder is shouting, "yeah, keep'em, keep'em!"  Who knows? I will let you be the judge.  This jacket is fab and from the late 50s early 60s faux Persian lamb.  It was one of those finds that you see from across the store, know that the people selling it don't have a clue, and break your neck trying to look calm as you swiftly make your way to the rack.  Now my excitement did fade slightly as I realized it was not real Persian lamb, but it is a fab faux. (Not a member of PETA here, sorry folks, I EAT meat and wear fur!) Great price and in excellent condition. 

Now my next find were these super cool cowboy boots.  Very retro. (Mr. Brilliant just shakes his head.) I bought these from one of my new buddies. (I am now a regular at his junk hut.) He always tells me what he pays for stuff and then says but I will let you have it for so and so.  Yep I fall for it everytime!!! My retro chair and chippy table came from him. (see previous post gone a junking finds)  I am so sure I am his favorite customer!! I am going by there this weekend wearing these:

These boots were made for junkin'!!!
A few more vintage finds to share.  I am lurvin' this retro billfold. Red vinyl with  floral tapestry. I couldn't resist at 1.49.  Almost Christmas-ee.  Hmmm, holiday accessory for a tacky Christmas...maybe?
I am not one to buy quilts because they are usually waaaay too expensive or in terrible shape. Again I was in the right place at the right time.  This does have a few problem areas but I like the colors, design, hand pieced and overall a nice old quilt.
I will again be on the hunt.  Who knows what this week will bring. Let me know what you think!! Peace my friends!! Happy Junking!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's the little things

I found this very cute little piece of artwork at Canton.  The lady that painted it had some really nice large paintings and I really would have liked to have bought something bigger.  I just couldn't figure out were I was going to put it in my house. (I don't know why I let that stop me, it never has before!!)  Anyway this little block of wood caught my eye and at $5 was a sweet little deal. 
It is painted with fabric glued inside the heart/peace sign.  When I was paying for my purchase I noticed this was written on the back, Phillipians 4:6-7. Now I will shamefuly admit I did not know this verse by heart, so I wasn't sure but I figured it had something to do with peace (hence the sign on the front).  A few days later when I was unpacking all of my goodies I pulled this out and grabbed my bible.  Now I could make you go look it up yourself but I'm not,

Philippians 4:6-7 (New International Version)

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I do not make my problems public but God knows my heart and He knew how to get my attention with a sweet little sign...... even in a field of junk.  
Peace be with you  my friends!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My BFF Barbie

This post has a little to do about my recent road trip and a lot to do with one of my craziest besties, big R. I am not referring to her as big because of her size but because of her personality and her heart. Big R is my "saling" partner. (garage saling)  Lately because of my work on the cottage our therapy sessions as we like to call it have been few and far between.  However, we still manage to report our great finds to each other. Well while I was in Canton I saw this vintage Barbie and Midge (Barbie's BFF) case. 

 Big R has one of the most amazing vintage Barbie collections I have ever seen.  I wasn't sure if she had this case and even if she did, sometimes she likes to have duplicates. (Can a girl ever have enough of something about which she is really passionate???) The booth was not even open yet and I stood there eyeing the case.  Then I saw a man in the next booth and inquired if he knew who had the booth.  He told me it was his, I asked about the price and you know what happened next...SOLD.  The perfect Christmas gift for the perfect friend.  Here we are dressed up as Barbie and Midge last year at her Barbie club Christmas party. 

 I am not a member but still had a blast.  She did not know I was dressing up and she was totally shocked, which made it even better.  Yes she will read this and she knows what she is getting for Christmas, but does it really matter when you have a friend who makes you feel joy all year long?  We have Christmas every time we are together.  I lurve her because she makes me laugh. I lurve her because I can spend $1 or $100 on her and she is always happy, it doesn't matter if it is something I found in a yardsale, Goodwill, flea market, or in my closet.  I lurve her because she is who she is and nothing will ever change her. Yes I have a few other BFFs, but no others quite like my junkin soul sista, Big R.
 (and amazingly she did NOT have this case!!)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

drab to fab

I have a few more road trip posts, but I am going to have to wait until the weather clears a little to share some of my other finds.  Soooo, today I am going to show you a little project that I finally got finished a few months ago.  This is an old wardrobe/dresser that was at my aunt and uncle's home. (a garage sale find)  My uncle decided he was tired of all the junk and started (hold your breath here)burning a lot of stuff.  By the time my aunt got to him he had already burned two of the drawers. There it sat in her storage minus 2 drawers and when I saw it I instantly thought it would be a great display piece for my junk treasure store.  Mr. Brilliant fixed the part where the two drawers were so that I could put my little TV/DVD combo in there.  Sounded like a good idea, but when I went to put the TV in the space wasn't big enough.  Anywho..after a couple of cans of black spray paint and some fabric, here is the result. I also guess you can see it ended up at my shabby chic cottage. There is no closet in this room , so it turned out to be functional as well. 

I painted these other pieces black also.  The headboard came with the house and the side table was a $7 flea find.  Funky artwork came from various places and the lamp was a $3 garage sale find, I painted the shade. I am not finished with this room but here is what it looked like before......
Yep it is the same room. BTW I am NEVER going to paint a room red again.(Sh!! don't tell Mr. Brilliant because I just HAD to HAVE this color.)  This was the paint from u-know where.  UGH.  It did turn out nice, but was probably a little too dark for this room that only has this door leading to the deck.  (no windows)  I still lurve it. Enjoy the pics.  Peace my friends! Linking up to a great party where people are sharing decorating ideas for  boys bedrooms. Check it out:
cottage instincts
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Road Trip part 2

Okay I thought this shirt was hilarious!! The lady graciously let me take a picture minus her head. (Hmm, maybe her husband REALLY did think she was at a church retreat!)  The back said Thank God for Canton.
I wanted to share a few more pics with you and then in the next few weeks I will be showing you what I did with some of my finds.  The old game board was a great find at $8, saw a similar one for $60.  It didn't take me long to find a nice place to hang this....instant funky art.

The water skis you see were a request from someone.  I am on a mission to find her several pair.  She is going to make Adirondack chairs out of them.  I had many comments as we were wheeling through the flea market.  My poor mother in law could barely see over the cart!! She was just following the sound of my voice and would point at me and say, "It's all hers!"  We had a lot of fun and I feel very blessed to have a super great MIL with whom I can share fun times. She is even a great scout!  She spotted these super cool mirrors under some linens where I was purchasing this cute pillow made from an old embroidery piece.  It looks great on the bed in my guest room at the cottage.  The mirrors are really heavy and used to be part of a dresser.  They will go somewhere soon, not sure yet, still thinking.

I will be sharing more later this week.  I 'd love to read your comments, let me know you stopped by. 
Peace my friends!
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