Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Blue Christmas???

Nah not blue in the sense that I am sad, except this will be the first Christmas without my grandma. However, it is a little hard to be blue even about that when I know where she is spending eternity. I have posted about a few things that I had gotten when she passed away.  These were always a part of her Christmas decor....

They were made for her by one of her student's parents at least 30 or more years ago.  I have gotten them out and freshened them up slightly with a little paint. These are very beautiful and bring back wonderful memories.  My other holiday makeovers include these two old suitcases (something else I lurve). 

letters are cut from an Atlas, modge podged, and glittered

Yep I am from Arkansas, Woo Pig!!

Also, I painted this sled and added some pink bling.
More updates coming soon, I had to get my Dollar Tree tree up and started. A week ago I put the question out there ....to tree or not to tree??? Well, I just do not want to get out all the ornaments, fake trees, etc this year and didn't.  I left the old faithfuls in the closet, went to Wally world bought a $20 live tree. (Is it still alive if it has been cut?? no, how about a dead live tree??)I put it on a box Mr. Brilliant built to make it appear to be a $30 tree.  Then I decorated it with a bunch of ornaments from Dollar Tree I had purchased a while back that I had intended to use in a project. (That project obviously did not happen...pro craft ination again!!)
The end result (well I am not happy with the topper so I am sure that will change) is my pottery barnish/ trailerhood tree.  Whatdaya think??  I am having a blue (light special)Christmas!
Peace my friends!!
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