Sunday, October 31, 2010


As some of you may know I am back from my yearly jaunt to Canton (Junker's Paradise), Texas.  My MIL (mother in law- the greatest BTW) and I had a maw-vah-lous time!  We are both exhausted but I couldn't wait to share some of my pics with you.  I can not begin to tell you how big this place is but let me tell you these few pics are not even a hair off of Don King's head of the booths that are there.  First let me give you the run down of how our trip went.  We left home Wednesday evening around 5:30 and drove like crazy to Texarkana, AR/TX (not sure in which state we slept, but I will say the interstate there is one hot mess).  We had a wake up call for 5 AM.  We were on the road again by 6am.  By 8:30 we were rolling in the gate at the Canton Flea Market.  Our usual plan of action is Day 1 (Thurs) do all the inside booths with the bling, clothing and new decorating items.  We made some great purchases and treated ourselves to some early "Merry Christmas to me" gifts.  Stopping to sit and eat was a no-no, we ate a very healthy lunch of a chocolate fried pie as we strolled along oohing and ahhing. At the end of the day we loaded our purchases,including the wackiest unlucky table ever (I will blog about that later.) and drove to our hotel in Terrell, Texas.   Day 2 is always our Junk yard day, as pretty much everything we look at is old/used/recycled/ you get my drift and it is HUGE.  In the past we always did the junk on Friday morning and then went back and hit the inside for any last minute purchases.  Well this year there was so much more we did not have time to back track.  One of the first places we went was here

This is not a great picture but I think you understand why my heart was racing.  Everything here was a $1.  Are you kidding me??? I asked permission to take the pic and asked what the name of their business was.  The man just shrugged and said we're just two guys from Nebraska and we do this twice a year.  They had been there since Tues.! (jealous here)  My poor MIL just watched as I dug and dug.  She is a great sport. Here are the treasures that I found

Now I would be blogging until next week if I continued to give a play by play but I am going to give you the cliff note version .  Here are a few more pics of the outside.

yep! I need that bus!
At the end of day this is what my pickup looked like

Nah!! just kidding, this is what it really looked like

and me in all my glory

stay tuned friends to see what I have done with my treasures........

Monday, October 25, 2010

old school re-collections

Old school part 1 (book report) serious
Another Monday is almost over and as I am thankful I was given another day on this earth, part of me is thankful it is over.  I have been very melancholy lately and have been tempted to read a book I saw mentioned on another blog (can't remember the blogger, soooo sorry).  The title of the book is No More Mondays.  Hmmm I like the sound of that, but then I think would I just begin to dread Tuesdays??? The book is supposedly an inspirational book to help you find the job that is meant for you, so that  the thought of Monday doesn't cause a sleepless Sunday night. I am about to purchase the book.  Book report will be forthcoming. 
Old school part 2 (thermos collection) fun
I am a thermos collector.  Not cartoon character stuff,  just old camping, going hunting, going fishing, road trip thermos (or thermoses -not sure on the plural and too tired to check right now.  It's my blog and I can be incorrect if I wish.)  I don't know why I like them, but I do. (Hey it takes all kinds.)  I have already added another since I took this picture.  I think I have just about enough to make a nice statement.  (not sure what the statement is to others except that I am crazy)  The colors make me happy.  I do not use any of them and have not ever opened ANY of them.  (Yep I am scared- 30 years of funk cannot be good.)  Peace.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

gone a junking finds

Yep it is almost Monday again. This is the week that my sweet MIL and I go on our annual girls trip to Canton, Texas.  I have my wish list ready and am chomping at the bit.  This past weekend I was able to drag Mr. Brilliant from the woods to do a little pre-Canton shopping. (Hey I needed some practice, it's been almost a whole week since I did any good junking.) I have had my eye on a retro chair for a couple of weeks and couldn't decide.  We junk lovers know that only one of  two things happen when you finally make up your mind  to buy it: 1. it's gone or 2. you  break your neck trying to get it out of the store and loaded.  Needless to say I got it!  Now I don't think Mr. Brilliant was too happy.  He thought it was  hideous, but he loves me (love me love my mess). Therefore, he quickly loaded it along with the chippy table.  (I actually got a 2fer here....better price if I took both...he twisted my arm.)  Still working on lots of projects at the cottage but here are a few pics.  I picked up the lamp last week for a few bucks. (The shade will be replaced soon.)  The mirror was also another flea find at one of my regular haunts $5 (lurve cheap)  Peace. 
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Couch potato

That is what I am going to be this weekend.  I was supposed to have a day off tomorrow but Mr. Brilliant needs my help on a job. However, Saturday this is where I will be..... on the ugliest couch with the biggest pain in the bootay slipcover.  Which actually brings me to my original intention of this post.  I really thought I just had to have a denim slipcover (real cottage shabby chic) to cover this hideous- fake leather -dark green- heavier than an elephant- hide a bed-which came with the house -couch. (Along with the bunk beds that had to be cut with a chain saw to get out of the house-another post.)  I had searched high and low for denim.  Yes nothing else would do (except a new couch, which is not happening anytime soon, partially due to the fact that our house is on a very steep hill  and the couch weighs a gajillion (again, lurve that word) pounds) Side bar here: I do use a lot of parentheses in my writing, but hey it is MY blog.  Okay back to the story.  Alas, I finally found a denim cover at Kohl's. Hmm, right size, denim, price??? I was willing to pay the $69.99 (Why do stores do this?? I can round! One cent, really??? ) Anyway I was thrilled when I checked out and much to my surprise it was on clearance for $29.99.  Now I know why it was on clearance..... Ugh!! Needless to say a new couch and a big bonfire are next on the agenda.  Slipcovers are for people who don't have kids,pets, or company and are NOT couch potatoes.  
So not how it is supposed to look!!

Twill Sofa Slipcover - Indigo Denim
Yeah right!!Whateva!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yesterday's post was about procrastination.  If there is one thing at which I reign supreme it is in the procrastination department.  Take today for example, I had a gajillion (I heart that word.) things to do that were WAAAAY more important to accomplish than what I actually did.  (How about cleaning, washing, paperwork, and the list goes on and on...) However, my glue gun trigger finger was  ah itchin' and it wasn't to do any kind of repair work.  So on the way to cook supper tonight (at the pizza place)  I stopped in the DG (for you girlz not from the south that would be Dollar General) and bought me up some cute feather boas.  I was thinkin' that I need to fru-fru up something for Halloween.  I got the buckets at the Dollah (yep doll-ah, I am also from the trailer hood) Tree and broke out the cricut.  By the time I got to my third niece I had run out of black vinyl. (pooey- cause I like everybody to have the same thing) Soooo, I had some fluorescent pink and finished the last bucket.  Of course, I will fill them with lots of sugary treats!! (Hey they don't live with me!) Now I think I have pro-craft-inated enough for tonight and must go delve into the mountain of dirty clothes.  If you don't hear from me soon, send out the search party. Mount Neverending awaits...... (BTW I did make something for my nephew too, but he is in 5th grade and I am sure this would so NOT be his thing.) Linking up to
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Git er done!!

I believe in my very first post I mentioned what a terrible procrastinator I am. (I even wrote that we would discuss it later!)  I have been inspired by this blog  If I strive (sounds like a word that means struggle huh?) to finish at least one project a week and post the results on my blog maybe I will  get things done that I have just plain ole put on the back burner.  The list is entirely WAAY too long to post  here.  If I did  this site would become a "trashy" (pun intended) novel  instead of a blog and you would need one of those fancy kindle thingys to read it.  Okay so I started looking around for something to post that I HAVE gotten done recently. This was a project that still needs a little glaze, but it IS off my front porch (sorry Skippy) and in my beautiful cottage where it should be. Much nicer in blue and inside!! (BTW This was a great garage sale find.) My next project is one big mess. Looking forward to my next anti-procrastination Tuesday.  Peace

Skippy thought this was his!!!

Sorry, but it had to go to the cottage.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

I got framed!!!!

Okay, so I didn't get framed, but I've got frames that I want to share with you! First,  I have already mentioned that I have been working on decorating my getaway cottage.  Also, I told you that I had some things of my grandmother's that I had reinvented. Sot the first project was a combo of the two. I was able to keep some of my grandmother's costume jewelry (if I forgot to mention my kids at school call me Ms. Bling) and incorporate it in my shabby chic decor.  I found the oval frame which already had a puffy backing covered in pink velour and it was only $1.  Then I cut an old black t-shirt and tucked it inside the frame to cover the pink.  It made a nice background to show the jewelry. I added a few pieces of mine for  balance.  I placed another frame (25 cent yard sale find) around the outside and there you have it. It was a very simple project and has turned into one of my favorite projects to date.

Next, my other frame project is a baby gift for some friends. I guess you can already see that I am  fond of frames.  First,  I sprayed the frame a color called watermelon, slightly distressed the edges, hot glued in the ribbon and added the hair bows. There you have it!  I thought it turned out very cute and I hope they like it!!
I am thinking I may do a wall of frames in one of the bedrooms.  Hmmm... I am working on linking up to other blogs!  Cross your fingers!Peace!
cottage instincts

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Huntin' license

      Wow! What a BEEE UUU TEEE FULL weekend here in the hills!! Mr. Brilliant and I have spent the weekend at our cottage getaway.  We have spent months working and now we are getting to enjoy everything about it.  He went out hunting as it was the first weekend of muzzle loading here in Arkansas.  I also went hunting but not to become known as a Bambi killer. I say that as not to offend anyone, to each his own.  Stalkin' animals just ain't my thang! If I am going to get up at the butt crack of dawn it will be to hit a good sale or head out on an adventureous road trip. It will NOT be to wear an unflattering hodge podge of muted greens and browns.  (I prefer pink or turqouise with my brown.) Nor will it be to freeze to death in the top of a tree.      Okay now that I have offended my female huntress friends (you know I lurve you) let's get down to the license part of this post.  I like old license plates (among many other things) and it has taken me a couple of months to finish my collection to place around the top of my covered deck. I was able to complete the collection when we attended the Street Rod Nationals in Louisiville, Kentucky.  At the swap meet there was a man who had a gajilllion plates.  I had a list of the ones I wanted and he helped me out.  I think he was a little amused that a woman was interested in his plates. (eeh hem, okay you know I mean license platesl!!) Any who..Mr. Brilliant got them up for me with his handy dandy drill and here you have it. Don't ya lurve it??  (the view ain't too bad either...)  Peace ....     Linking up to

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Old is new again

My grandmother passed away this summer and I got a few things from her home just for sentimental purposes.  I have done a few projects with some of the items and I want to share one with you today.  I don't know why I like old enamelware but I do.  I found these two orange enamelware bowls among some of her kitchen items.  I forgot to take a before photo but I am sure you can imagine what they looked like. I used my cricut machine (yes I fell for the infomercial) to cut out some vinyl and wah la!! I have two very cute Halloween treat bowls.  I am going to give my sister one of them. I have a few other fall projects to share with you hopefully while it is still fall. Peace ! I have linked up to...

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Woo Hoo I am a Blogger!!

     Okay I really wanted to be a stand up comedian, but I will settle for blogger.  First, let me start with telling you my profession as a special education teacher should not keep you from pointing out spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.  ( Did you see the special education part in front of the word teacher???) Just please be kind in pointing out these mistakes because I am a smidge sensitive from time to time.
     The picture above is of the front of my junk treasure store.  It is considered a historical  building in my small town and was the old post office.  Mr. Brilliant (I say that lovingly most days) helped me purchase this so that I may pursue my passion of buying treasures, selling them, and buying some more.  Oh, for the love of junk!! On this blog I am going to share some stories that I hope you find entertaining and inspirational.  I have always wanted to write a book that would make people laugh. However, I am such a procrastinator (blog about that later) that I am thinking a blog about my adventures on the road to being the next Antiques Road  Show star of the century (or an episode of Clean House) might just make someone smile. Please post comments to give a new blogger some helpful hints.  Stay tuned........