Sunday, October 31, 2010


As some of you may know I am back from my yearly jaunt to Canton (Junker's Paradise), Texas.  My MIL (mother in law- the greatest BTW) and I had a maw-vah-lous time!  We are both exhausted but I couldn't wait to share some of my pics with you.  I can not begin to tell you how big this place is but let me tell you these few pics are not even a hair off of Don King's head of the booths that are there.  First let me give you the run down of how our trip went.  We left home Wednesday evening around 5:30 and drove like crazy to Texarkana, AR/TX (not sure in which state we slept, but I will say the interstate there is one hot mess).  We had a wake up call for 5 AM.  We were on the road again by 6am.  By 8:30 we were rolling in the gate at the Canton Flea Market.  Our usual plan of action is Day 1 (Thurs) do all the inside booths with the bling, clothing and new decorating items.  We made some great purchases and treated ourselves to some early "Merry Christmas to me" gifts.  Stopping to sit and eat was a no-no, we ate a very healthy lunch of a chocolate fried pie as we strolled along oohing and ahhing. At the end of the day we loaded our purchases,including the wackiest unlucky table ever (I will blog about that later.) and drove to our hotel in Terrell, Texas.   Day 2 is always our Junk yard day, as pretty much everything we look at is old/used/recycled/ you get my drift and it is HUGE.  In the past we always did the junk on Friday morning and then went back and hit the inside for any last minute purchases.  Well this year there was so much more we did not have time to back track.  One of the first places we went was here

This is not a great picture but I think you understand why my heart was racing.  Everything here was a $1.  Are you kidding me??? I asked permission to take the pic and asked what the name of their business was.  The man just shrugged and said we're just two guys from Nebraska and we do this twice a year.  They had been there since Tues.! (jealous here)  My poor MIL just watched as I dug and dug.  She is a great sport. Here are the treasures that I found

Now I would be blogging until next week if I continued to give a play by play but I am going to give you the cliff note version .  Here are a few more pics of the outside.

yep! I need that bus!
At the end of day this is what my pickup looked like

Nah!! just kidding, this is what it really looked like

and me in all my glory

stay tuned friends to see what I have done with my treasures........

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  1. We enjoyed your visit,and it makes us smile to see our lil "junkin" car on your blog!!! Hope to see ya again soon!! Happy Junkin, Cathy and Deidra
    Girls Gone Junkin!