Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yesterday's post was about procrastination.  If there is one thing at which I reign supreme it is in the procrastination department.  Take today for example, I had a gajillion (I heart that word.) things to do that were WAAAAY more important to accomplish than what I actually did.  (How about cleaning, washing, paperwork, and the list goes on and on...) However, my glue gun trigger finger was  ah itchin' and it wasn't to do any kind of repair work.  So on the way to cook supper tonight (at the pizza place)  I stopped in the DG (for you girlz not from the south that would be Dollar General) and bought me up some cute feather boas.  I was thinkin' that I need to fru-fru up something for Halloween.  I got the buckets at the Dollah (yep doll-ah, I am also from the trailer hood) Tree and broke out the cricut.  By the time I got to my third niece I had run out of black vinyl. (pooey- cause I like everybody to have the same thing) Soooo, I had some fluorescent pink and finished the last bucket.  Of course, I will fill them with lots of sugary treats!! (Hey they don't live with me!) Now I think I have pro-craft-inated enough for tonight and must go delve into the mountain of dirty clothes.  If you don't hear from me soon, send out the search party. Mount Neverending awaits...... (BTW I did make something for my nephew too, but he is in 5th grade and I am sure this would so NOT be his thing.) Linking up to
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