Monday, October 25, 2010

old school re-collections

Old school part 1 (book report) serious
Another Monday is almost over and as I am thankful I was given another day on this earth, part of me is thankful it is over.  I have been very melancholy lately and have been tempted to read a book I saw mentioned on another blog (can't remember the blogger, soooo sorry).  The title of the book is No More Mondays.  Hmmm I like the sound of that, but then I think would I just begin to dread Tuesdays??? The book is supposedly an inspirational book to help you find the job that is meant for you, so that  the thought of Monday doesn't cause a sleepless Sunday night. I am about to purchase the book.  Book report will be forthcoming. 
Old school part 2 (thermos collection) fun
I am a thermos collector.  Not cartoon character stuff,  just old camping, going hunting, going fishing, road trip thermos (or thermoses -not sure on the plural and too tired to check right now.  It's my blog and I can be incorrect if I wish.)  I don't know why I like them, but I do. (Hey it takes all kinds.)  I have already added another since I took this picture.  I think I have just about enough to make a nice statement.  (not sure what the statement is to others except that I am crazy)  The colors make me happy.  I do not use any of them and have not ever opened ANY of them.  (Yep I am scared- 30 years of funk cannot be good.)  Peace.

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