Sunday, December 11, 2011

True Love

I saw this great statement on Pinterest. I have an abundance of wood scraps and cabinet doors but never make the time to  do anything with them.  In fact I pulled this door out of  Mr. Brilliant's trash pile.  It had already been painted and glazed, but it was the wrong size for the cabinet. (Now let me add here that rarely happens because Mr. Brilliant didn't get that name for nothing.) I used my Cricut and cut out a stencil and wah lah here you have it.......

I think this would look great on a mantle with a beautiful nativity scene. If it doesn't sell in a few days it is coming home with me!! Peace my friends!!

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Vintage Christmas

Wow! It's been a long time!! I started a new job and I have been super busy. (I must insert here that I lurve my new job!! :) ) I haven't had a lot of time to decorate and the closer it gets I just think... Why bother? You'll just have to take it all down.  (I had decorated my little treasure store and I guess I just decored out!)  However, I purchased a silver vintage tree in Canton and knew I just HAD to put it up!  My 22 year old son was not impressed but he doesn't live here anymore so raspberries to him. He just doesn't appreciate the "vintageyness" of it all.  So in my will it will have to be left to one of my junking friends. So here she is in all her scraggly Charlie Brown glory with her vintage bells on top and my vintage snow people on the bottom. (The lights still work on the bells and the snow people!)
must've been drinkin' a lil eggnog when I took this...just tilt your head a little when looking
great vintage bells (bought in their original package)
lurve my snow couple!!!
Be good! Santa is watching!!
Peace my friends!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a scary world....

Of the many things that I hoard collect, globes is one of them.  (Yes I collect the world!!)  I can't resist a globe that is reasonably priced or better yet free!!

 This was about to go to the trash at the school where I worked. (okay it WAS in the trash and I rescued it!)  I have another globe painted like a snowman and the woman I bought it from told me she had done a jack-o-lantern, but had sold them all.  Soooo, I thought I can do this.... little orange spray paint, black vinyl and here ya have it........

Kinda looks like he has a mustache, and check out my blingy globe on the bottom!!!

 I am going to put the quote "it's a scary world" or "light up the world" (a little more positive) somewhere but not sure yet.
                                              (World) Peace my friends!!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

His eye....

I was asked by a friend if I could create something from an old door that once hung on her Grandmother's back porch.  Of course!! I had just seen this fabulous piece from Serendipity Chic.  So I was inspired!! I love the song His Eye is on the Sparrow and had seen this quote on a nursery wall.  I knew just what I wanted to do!! I cleaned the door and lightly sanded the door in various places. Then I used my cricut machine to cut out the letters to use as a stencil for the quote.  Then I cut out the bird silhouette and applied it to the glass.  A little grapevine and 3 chandelier crystals to signify a little something special to the owner, and here you have it.......
His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching over me....

Matthew 10:29-31

New Living Translation (NLT)
29 What is the price of two sparrows—one copper coin[a]? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. 30 And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.

I hope my friend loves this as much as I do......

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yes I'm still here!!

I have neglected my blog lately but not my junking!! I have a lot of  craptastic (from Mandy @Vintage Revivals dictionary) stuff to post about and a few pics to share.  I recently started a new job that I lurve but you know when you start something new it kinda cuts into other areas of your life until you get all the kinks worked out.  I just took some furniture I painted to a young friends floral/gift shop.  He is very talented and has a great knack for decorating.  With those things moved to his place, I have begun working on some new projects.  Here are a few sneak peeks.........
beautiful carved table, not sure what color I am going with here.....
The double ugly, dusty, heavy twins.  I already started removing hardware.  Great retro pieces...okay use your visionary goggles here.....
This is upside down because it needs a  little TLC from Mr. Brilliant.  Overall a great piece that is going to get a funky color....I can just feel it!!
Don't worry I have the drawer, just got ahead of myself before I realized I needed a pic.  This will be a tame piece probably black with a little distressing...maybe.
                         Okay I did finish one thing...this chalkboard.  I like the light green color. Now the next thing is NOT for sale, because at $5 and working, it is MINE!! No rewiring, it plugs into the wall!! Only one crystal was missing and guess what? (yep) I have a replacement. (Did you really think I wouldn't?)
Now onto WTH was I thinking....okay I was thinking it's only a dollar!!!!This is like the biggest stinkin' table lamp I have ever seen.  Yes the red glass is very pretty and I'm not sure the picture does it justice in the size department but here she is in all of her gianormous glory...
and I just realized I don't even know if it works!!! Can you say Dollar DAZE???
Now to the piesta resist ons... (no I don't spell or speak French so I just used my phonetic connection to make my point.!) Here is my new found treasure and it has a name  BIG RED! My new/old 69 burb and here is "our" slogan....lotta junk, we don't need no trunk.....
                                                          17 and a half feet of fun!!
                                             Updates on projects coming soon!! Peace my friends!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girl's Night Out

Last night I hosted a Girl's Night Out shopping experience.  We had a lot of fun!!  I must admit I didn't get near as many pictures as I would have liked! It is hard to be a hostess with the mostest and play photographer.  So here are the pics I did get.  (Sorry I didn't get any pics of all the delicious food or my mom's Sweet Things shop!)

Had a great time and now I am planning a Fall Ball!! Hope to see you there!  Details coming soon! Peace my friends!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

42 reasons

42 years ago today I was born.  Two days before man had just stepped foot on the moon.  A lot of things have happened in 42 years.  I remember manual typewriters in my younger days.  However, in high school I took keyboarding on an electric one! (thanks Mrs. Willoughby!) I remember when my siblings and I WERE the television remote.  The only channels were 3,5, 8, 13, (channel 10 didn't count because it was educational tv-yuck) and if the wind wasn't blowing 24!! I am taking today to write 42 reasons to be thankful...(Thanks was her idea..visit her blog...she has fab recipes and is very crafty!)
1.  I have a mom that loves me unconditionally, cheers me up when I am down, and is a true example of what a woman/mother should be.
2. I have a dad that loves me unconditionally, makes me laugh, tells me like it is even when I don't want to hear it, and is an example of what a man/father should be.
3. I have 2 siblings that I know without a doubt would walk through fire for me.
4. I have a husband of 24 years (yep I was 17 years 11months when we got married) that works endlessly to give me everything that I want/need. 
5. My mother in law is the best ever!! She is supportive and loving!
6. I only have one child and my what a blessing he has been to me!
7. I can walk.
8. I can talk.
9. I can hear.
10. I can drive.  (I love to go!)
11.I have a job.
12. I have good health.
13. I can read.
14. I can type with all my fingers!
15. I know God!
16. He knows me!
17. I have a home.
18. I have real friends of all ages and races.
19.I have a car.
20. I get to work with disabled children.
21. I have a cabinet and freezer full of food.
22. I have lots of shoes that I love and they feel good on my feet.
23. I have a closet full of clothes of various sizes to fit me in my never ending weight battle.
24. I have and always will  have a weight battle. (yes this too is a blessing)
25. I can play two instruments.
26. I have a sense of humor.
27. I don't have to shave my legs very often. (Indian blood which also gives me a good tan but I do have to pluck the brows often...what's up with that??)
28. My ears aren't too big.
29. I have the sweetest nieces and nephew.
30.I can smell. (some people can't- don't laugh- Can you imagine not being able to smell brownies in the oven, fresh flowers, your grandma's perfume, kids that smell like wet dogs, or stinky feet?)
31. I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and a  teacher but have also been  a radio announcer, grocery cashier, stock person. cabinet sander, tutor, consignment store owner, ebayer and junk seller extraordinaire.
32. I have been to Nevada, Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Oklahoma, D.C. , Virginia, Ohio, Alabama, North Carolina, Kansas, Maryland, and Mexico (as far from the US as I want to go  except maybe Canada)
33. I  graduated high school.
34. I graduated college in 5 years. (while married and with a baby)
35. I am half way finished with my master's degree.
36.  I look good in a hat. (okay my opinion only but hey it's MY blog)
37.  I consider myself crafty.
38. I have a laptop and can blog from my comfy chair.
39. I live in a great country.
40. I have indoor plumbing with running water (hot and cold)
41. I have central heat and air.
42. I have a blog that I can ramble and post randomness all I want!
43. I get to pay taxes....(okay I lied and I said 42 reasons)
I could actually go on and on but I won't bore you anymore!
 Gee it is good to be me....don't be J....just make a list of YOUR blessings/accomplishments... Happy Birthday to me!  Peace my friends.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

not grandma's chairs anymore part 2

Yes as I promised I would return with a pic of chair number 2 from this post. Now not only did I get a little blingy with some metallic paint I went back and got happy with chair number one.  The two chairs will go in the treasure store for the Midsummer's girls night out sale coming up!! 

Remember before???? Here are the fraternal twins.......(the pretty twin is on the right, even though she is a little heavier...)
now here they are in all their new found blingin' glory.....
soon to be separated....(sniff, sniff) but with a much more glamorous life!!!
Yep I am crazy tonight!! More sneak peeks to come!
Peace my friends!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Midsummer's girls night out

Yes I have been neglecting my blog lately.  However, I have been taking better care of my body, working on my mind and therefore improving my spirit.  I am getting ready for an upcoming sale at my treasure store.  This will be the first ever Midsummer's girls night out sale.  I have several local artist/creators coming to set up in my store for a fun filled evening of shopping and refreshments..yum!  I am always so J when reading about all the barn sales and occasional sales. (NOTE: in the south a barn sale means there will be animals involved just in case you northern girls are ever down this way..BEWARE!)  I would lurve, lurve, lurve to host a sale full of shabby chic"ness, but I don't actually live in an area where everybody "gets" the refurbish, recycle thing.  So I created my own sale with my painted furniture and a variety of other things made/sold by friends. I created an event on FB and have already received a great response.  Here is a picture of an old film screen I bought for fit-E cent and used chalkboard paint to paint the screen.  If you are in the area stop on by...... 
Hope to see you there!!!! Sneak peeks at sale items to come.....
Peace my friends!