Wednesday, July 13, 2011

not grandma's chairs anymore part 2

Yes as I promised I would return with a pic of chair number 2 from this post. Now not only did I get a little blingy with some metallic paint I went back and got happy with chair number one.  The two chairs will go in the treasure store for the Midsummer's girls night out sale coming up!! 

Remember before???? Here are the fraternal twins.......(the pretty twin is on the right, even though she is a little heavier...)
now here they are in all their new found blingin' glory.....
soon to be separated....(sniff, sniff) but with a much more glamorous life!!!
Yep I am crazy tonight!! More sneak peeks to come!
Peace my friends!


  1. Beautiful! You did an awesome job! Your site looks great. Ruth Barnes, Southern Junkers

  2. Those are gorgeous!
    P.s. Happy almost birthday! I can't wait to read your list of 42 things. :O)