Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Git er done!!

I believe in my very first post I mentioned what a terrible procrastinator I am. (I even wrote that we would discuss it later!)  I have been inspired by this blog http://amy-newnostalgia.blogspot.com/.  If I strive (sounds like a word that means struggle huh?) to finish at least one project a week and post the results on my blog maybe I will  get things done that I have just plain ole put on the back burner.  The list is entirely WAAY too long to post  here.  If I did  this site would become a "trashy" (pun intended) novel  instead of a blog and you would need one of those fancy kindle thingys to read it.  Okay so I started looking around for something to post that I HAVE gotten done recently. This was a project that still needs a little glaze, but it IS off my front porch (sorry Skippy) and in my beautiful cottage where it should be. Much nicer in blue and inside!! (BTW This was a great garage sale find.) My next project is one big mess. Looking forward to my next anti-procrastination Tuesday.  Peace

Skippy thought this was his!!!

Sorry, but it had to go to the cottage.

I am linking up to (or at least trying) NewNostalgia

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  1. I do like this table blue, and no worries we out here in blog world will not be that hard you. But I do know the feeling, I am always pn the look out for blog fodder and never, never, never go anywhere with a camera in my purse because as soon as I do there right before is a great blog post and I can't catch a pic. I hate to post without a pic or two. Afterall, who reads the words if the pics are good? Thanks for stopping by "In His Grip" :o)