Thursday, October 21, 2010

Couch potato

That is what I am going to be this weekend.  I was supposed to have a day off tomorrow but Mr. Brilliant needs my help on a job. However, Saturday this is where I will be..... on the ugliest couch with the biggest pain in the bootay slipcover.  Which actually brings me to my original intention of this post.  I really thought I just had to have a denim slipcover (real cottage shabby chic) to cover this hideous- fake leather -dark green- heavier than an elephant- hide a bed-which came with the house -couch. (Along with the bunk beds that had to be cut with a chain saw to get out of the house-another post.)  I had searched high and low for denim.  Yes nothing else would do (except a new couch, which is not happening anytime soon, partially due to the fact that our house is on a very steep hill  and the couch weighs a gajillion (again, lurve that word) pounds) Side bar here: I do use a lot of parentheses in my writing, but hey it is MY blog.  Okay back to the story.  Alas, I finally found a denim cover at Kohl's. Hmm, right size, denim, price??? I was willing to pay the $69.99 (Why do stores do this?? I can round! One cent, really??? ) Anyway I was thrilled when I checked out and much to my surprise it was on clearance for $29.99.  Now I know why it was on clearance..... Ugh!! Needless to say a new couch and a big bonfire are next on the agenda.  Slipcovers are for people who don't have kids,pets, or company and are NOT couch potatoes.  
So not how it is supposed to look!!

Twill Sofa Slipcover - Indigo Denim
Yeah right!!Whateva!

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