Sunday, October 17, 2010

Huntin' license

      Wow! What a BEEE UUU TEEE FULL weekend here in the hills!! Mr. Brilliant and I have spent the weekend at our cottage getaway.  We have spent months working and now we are getting to enjoy everything about it.  He went out hunting as it was the first weekend of muzzle loading here in Arkansas.  I also went hunting but not to become known as a Bambi killer. I say that as not to offend anyone, to each his own.  Stalkin' animals just ain't my thang! If I am going to get up at the butt crack of dawn it will be to hit a good sale or head out on an adventureous road trip. It will NOT be to wear an unflattering hodge podge of muted greens and browns.  (I prefer pink or turqouise with my brown.) Nor will it be to freeze to death in the top of a tree.      Okay now that I have offended my female huntress friends (you know I lurve you) let's get down to the license part of this post.  I like old license plates (among many other things) and it has taken me a couple of months to finish my collection to place around the top of my covered deck. I was able to complete the collection when we attended the Street Rod Nationals in Louisiville, Kentucky.  At the swap meet there was a man who had a gajilllion plates.  I had a list of the ones I wanted and he helped me out.  I think he was a little amused that a woman was interested in his plates. (eeh hem, okay you know I mean license platesl!!) Any who..Mr. Brilliant got them up for me with his handy dandy drill and here you have it. Don't ya lurve it??  (the view ain't too bad either...)  Peace ....     Linking up to

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