Monday, November 1, 2010

Road Trip part 2

Okay I thought this shirt was hilarious!! The lady graciously let me take a picture minus her head. (Hmm, maybe her husband REALLY did think she was at a church retreat!)  The back said Thank God for Canton.
I wanted to share a few more pics with you and then in the next few weeks I will be showing you what I did with some of my finds.  The old game board was a great find at $8, saw a similar one for $60.  It didn't take me long to find a nice place to hang this....instant funky art.

The water skis you see were a request from someone.  I am on a mission to find her several pair.  She is going to make Adirondack chairs out of them.  I had many comments as we were wheeling through the flea market.  My poor mother in law could barely see over the cart!! She was just following the sound of my voice and would point at me and say, "It's all hers!"  We had a lot of fun and I feel very blessed to have a super great MIL with whom I can share fun times. She is even a great scout!  She spotted these super cool mirrors under some linens where I was purchasing this cute pillow made from an old embroidery piece.  It looks great on the bed in my guest room at the cottage.  The mirrors are really heavy and used to be part of a dresser.  They will go somewhere soon, not sure yet, still thinking.

I will be sharing more later this week.  I 'd love to read your comments, let me know you stopped by. 
Peace my friends!
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