Sunday, November 7, 2010

My BFF Barbie

This post has a little to do about my recent road trip and a lot to do with one of my craziest besties, big R. I am not referring to her as big because of her size but because of her personality and her heart. Big R is my "saling" partner. (garage saling)  Lately because of my work on the cottage our therapy sessions as we like to call it have been few and far between.  However, we still manage to report our great finds to each other. Well while I was in Canton I saw this vintage Barbie and Midge (Barbie's BFF) case. 

 Big R has one of the most amazing vintage Barbie collections I have ever seen.  I wasn't sure if she had this case and even if she did, sometimes she likes to have duplicates. (Can a girl ever have enough of something about which she is really passionate???) The booth was not even open yet and I stood there eyeing the case.  Then I saw a man in the next booth and inquired if he knew who had the booth.  He told me it was his, I asked about the price and you know what happened next...SOLD.  The perfect Christmas gift for the perfect friend.  Here we are dressed up as Barbie and Midge last year at her Barbie club Christmas party. 

 I am not a member but still had a blast.  She did not know I was dressing up and she was totally shocked, which made it even better.  Yes she will read this and she knows what she is getting for Christmas, but does it really matter when you have a friend who makes you feel joy all year long?  We have Christmas every time we are together.  I lurve her because she makes me laugh. I lurve her because I can spend $1 or $100 on her and she is always happy, it doesn't matter if it is something I found in a yardsale, Goodwill, flea market, or in my closet.  I lurve her because she is who she is and nothing will ever change her. Yes I have a few other BFFs, but no others quite like my junkin soul sista, Big R.
 (and amazingly she did NOT have this case!!)

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