Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Favorite Finds

Due to some issues I am having with my wrist, my blogging has been few and far between lately. ( I am also using the holidays as an excuse.) However, I am trying to jump back on the bloggin band wagon by posting a few of my favorite finds of 2010. My number one has to be my cottage on the lake.  I am not quite ready to show the entire thing yet, but here is my FAVE part, the deck looking out on the lake....

My fab funky finds at my fave junk store: These boots

(yes I wear them)
and this
 chippy table

and this retro chair

(table came from fave flea market CANTON, TEXAS!! yee haw)
Here I am in Canton, which is my  fave road trip.
This is one of my fave pieces of art ($5).  It's title says "Going to town on Saturday" and it is a great likeness of my own family.  Mr. B trying to get the old car started. (We have a few old cars and attend car shows.) The little terrier barking (Skippy), me sitting on the side of the car a looking very impatient (can't wait to get to town) and little Mr. B climbing over the seat aggravating all of us. (Except my little Mr. B is 6'4" now!)
A closer view

My fave vintage clothing Mad Men coat..100%cashmere with mink collar ($10). Yep I wear this too but not with the cowboy boots.
 I cannot end this post without my fave place (although I didn't find it in 2010) pout woman cave away from home... my treasure store!!
How about you?? What are some of your fave finds  from this past year??
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  1. A retrospective of the year's best finds- what a great idea! I might have to follow-up on this (with a link back to this lovely post, of course).

    I love the boots and table you found, it'll be hard for me to pick my favs but I'll dig 'em out :)

  2. I love nice. Your cabin looks beautiful. I love the boots! I'm a Texan, myself, so boots are a must. :) I'm sorry you're having wrist problems! Not fun when you want to type! Good luck getting better!

    I'm hosting an "our nest" sign giveaway! Hope you can join!