Sunday, March 11, 2012

I broke

Yes I finally did it!! I broke down and bought the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that everyone is raving about.  I decided on the Emperor's Silk and Old White.  Now this next part may sound crazy but I can justify crazy. I found a very cheap side table. (VERY)  I decide to use the high dolla' paint on the cheap table.  (Let's just say if I took an empty quart can to the scrap yard I would get more for it than I had to spend on the table...K???) I figured it was small and if I screwed it up I hadn't wasted that much of the precious paint!  I am not sure if I have gotten the waxing method down yet, but here she is.......
(remembered to take a pic after I had painted the legs)

Whatda ya think? 

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