Friday, January 21, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Okay if you recall I have joined up on the Gitter Done band wagon. I had 3 projects that I wanted to complete before the end of January.  As of today I have completed 2.  Here is project #1 if you please and here is project #2.... before

and after

pile on the right is ebay stuff....

The punching thingy is going to get a new home soon.

Okay, so there is still one more little pile, but it is another project I am working Etsy store.

 I am thinking now that I have my woman cave clean that my son will probably, somehow end up moving back home.  (I do heart him very much, but I am hoping to enjoy "my" room at least a little while.)
 Oh! and please don't open the closet.....
Peace my friends!!
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  1. Awesome Job! Isn't clean and organized a beautiful thing???
    I love the shutter screen standing there!!! Good luck with your etsy store! How exciting!!

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Wow, that looks like a huge room you have to work with. My son is moving out this year too, sometimes I feel like a vulcher at the edge of his door waiting so I can take it over! You commented on my blog you go to Canton and I spy a Canton item on the post. That wine bottle holder, I love those! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come again!

  3. Great job, girl! I bet you can rest a little bit easier & enjoy this room now.


  4. Yoohoo for getting project number 2 kicked to the curb. And this was a big one! Your room is looking so much better now, all ready for some serious playing.
    Good on you for having the courage and willpower to tackle it. I am sure you are delighted every time you walk in to that room.
    Now on to project number 3! Good luck with that.