Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fruitful Friday

I recently was inspired by this blog.  She is going to sponsor a weekly Gitter Done link party where you can go and share any projects that have been in your procrastination portfolio.  Since this has been my first week back to school and the first official party is next week, I am going to be making my list of things that I want to finish for the month of January.   (not in any particular order and I am sticking to 3)
1. finish cleaning the woman cave (formerly known as the only child's bedroom....He no longer lives here, but let it be noted that he still costs a LOT)

I cannot believe I just showed looks like the cabinet threw up!! (and there is a walk in closet the room too, just couldn't go there...literally)

2. finish my votive candlier for my cottage deck....
This is already un-electrified and the prisms have been for a paint color.

3. paint this for the house I live in most of the time... it is a little mod but I like it..
These are my 3 projects for this month.. Check back next Friday to see the "fruits" of my sour grapes here. Where shall I begin?????

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I have a craft room that is worse. I am going to start working on it tonight. I plan to take before and after pictures and putting them on my blog. Good luck with yours and wish me luck with mine. I'm gonna need it.