Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 1-1-11

     My first post of the new year on 1-1-11. Aren't those nice neat numbers?? This makes me have a rand-0 moment. (Random if you were wondering, sometimes I refer to it as flight of ideas.) I like prices that end in 00 not 99.  Call me crazy but I had rather buy something that ended in 00 even if it is a penny more or four cents as in the case of Wally World's 96 cent trickery.  Okay rand-O moment over.  Let's move on to the new year and the new me. 
     By the time you read this I will have started the day with my new health conscious, anti procrastinating, new business attitude. Of course I am writing this on New Year's Eve when you are telling yourself  that you can do this. Ah, but then the self doubt starts creeping up on you. What makes this year any different?  You have failed before at some of these same goals you have set for yourself this year.  Again, what makes this year different?  You have a plan..... "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail".
     I think often of an article (titled A Work in Progress, I think) I read in one of my husband's Street Scene magazines.  It was written by the chaplain Jim Rowlett that is over the National Street Rod Association.  It has been several years ago and the article was about how we are like our street rods (or junk projects for my junky friends).  We are always working on something, things go wrong, and sometimes they break down or just don't turn out like we expected.  However, we must remember that we are a work in progress just like our projects.
      That is my theme for this year.... a work in progress.  There have been many times this past year when I was not sure what God's plan was for me, but as I enter into a new year I will pray that my plan is what He wants from me. Through it all I will remember that I am a work in progress. Happy New Year my friends! I hope 2011 brings you many blessings and plenty of good junk.

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