Saturday, February 19, 2011

I heart 3 day weekends

I lurve a 3 day weekend!! Especially one in which the weather is nice enough that people are out selling their junk treasures!!  I made a few rounds this morning hoping to score a few pieces of furniture to paint.  Here is what I found.....
 I bought this already painted because I liked  it and the price was right. I added my own touches and it will be resold. (Skippy loves the camera and my furniture.)
 This is a very sweet bench/table.  It is getting a paint job this weekend.
This one has a twin and sorry to say they are going to be separated, as one has been sold.  This one is going to get an extreme makeover.
  The small black table just needed some minor changes.
I distressed the table a bit and added  chalkboard contact paper to the top. (side bar here: This was after a failed attempt at decoupaging the top with a super cute black and white damask print....insert frowny face here.. but just for a minute.)
                                                      So what do you think???................

Here is a blurry before picture of the owl trivet, too....
Now that I have a few more projects to do, I must get to work.....however,

Peace my friends!!! (disclaimer: Although I am a teacher, I reserve the right to misspell words, use as many exclamation marks as I want, and make major writing blunders as I see fit for the purpose of entertaining others as well as myself. Hey it is MY blog!!! Thank you and Amen.)

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  1. Ha! I love the chalkboard...and the puns...they're making me laugh! Great finds...I'd love to see what you do with the other tables as well! Yeah for painting outside! I'm still sitting on about 3 feet of snow...grrrrr!

  2. Must be nice to have a 3-day weekend! Enjoy.

  3. i love the little table. might steal your idea.

  4. I lurve it! The legs on that table are so unique. Looks fab!

  5. Hey doll just coming by to thank you for taking the time to link up this darling table at my link party over the weekend! I do indeed Lurve it :) lol...take care.

    Deb @ dejarenew