Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paint magic

I have been working all day today trying to finish up some projects.  I showed these tables in some previous posts and today I have completed two of them.  Here they are.....


and after
and I told you I sold the twin, however it was too small for the spot...soooooo.....this is a work in progress...
Yeah crazy right? The color is called "how sweet it is"......

Okay on to the next table/bench.  Still not sure about this.....

                                                                        Too bright.....

I added a white wash. I just don't know........

Okay now on to this piece I found this morning. 
 A little red paint and some chocolate glaze........

and I need two more knobs from Hob Lob.....

Here she is...
Let me know what you think!! Peace!
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  1. Love em all...did you come link up to my party yet? I hope you will bring these wonderful projects over to my party :)

    well done.

  2. I think..."amazing"

    love the cross knob...where in the world did you find that?

    what will you be looking for as far as knobs for the bottom drawer?

    Cindi @ Rustique Art

  3. Beautiful! I love the blue bench and your red end table! I always love furniture with fresh coats of paint :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my chair- I was nervous about what people would think of me for using hot glue. haha. I'm glad people don't think I'm just crazy!!!

  4. Hi Jen!
    Found you over at Deb's blog (your name caught my eye :)).. Looks like we have some things in common! c'mon by my blog and follow along for awhile if you get a chance!

  5. Thanks ladies for all your sweet comments!! I got the cross pull at Hobby Lobby and I may add two more identical ones on the bottom. (I only bought one on half off, so it was only $1. Crazy me should have bought a few more.) I will post a new pic when I get all the hardware done. Thanks again, ya'll are so sweet!

  6. Jen, just coming by to thank you so much for taking time to link up your project to my party! Still loving the red!! lol. Thanks again hun.