Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I haven't posted in a while due to tendinitis in my right wrist/thumb.  It is snowing here and I did not have school today. So I have take off the brace to type and post some randomness or rando moments as my son likes to say.  One rando photo is of him helping hand out pink roses to breast cancer survivors at a recent women's basketball game.  This was an awesome event and the ladies looked great in their pink and white uniforms!! (He is the manager for the team while he is in college pursuing his coaching degree.)

And speaking of pink...I got this great quilt at a benefit auction for a 3 year old boy waiting on a heart transplant.  In our little town (pop. 900) over $25,000 was raised. 
On to more randomness.....
Recent finds
 Two new/old thermos(es) for my collection. (50 cents each...yeah), a hammered aluminum ice bucket ($1), 13 seafood forks ($2), small sewing kit (sometimes hot glue won't do...okay well most of the time it will),  a great embroidery piece ($1) that I am having made (yep, because I can ONLY hot glue) into a pillow for the cottage, and this small black table that is going to get a new paint job.

I have had the brace off long enough and as I am trying to avoid a painful steroid injection need to put it on again. So here is my last rando moment...
I told him to shutup and he is now locked in the closet until next winter.  Peace my friends!!

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