Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hello Darlin'...it's been a long time..

Yep that's country. Due to circumstances beyond my control my bloggin has been nada.(that's Spanish)  The countdown to summer vacation has begun (6 days 3 hours and 47minutes-okay I made up the hours and minutes part) and my project list is getting longer already. I went back and revisited my new year's resolutions and have realized I need a do over.  Sooooooo, my new year will start again tomorrow on June 1st, cause I'm crazy like that. (That would be halfway there new year's!!) Why not? I am going to revise my new year's goals. (remember not resolutions..goals) Have I reached some of my goals?? Kinda, sorta, maybe...hmmm I think I need to concentrate on that one. (No that wasn't an earthquake you just felt....I was concentrating.) I am hitting the refresh button.  In the meantime here are some  pictures of  a recent little road trip to Wilson's in Arlington, Tennessee.  I had a lovely time, bought a few goodies and met a few Facebook friends. 
 They had some really neat stuff!! I was too busy looking to take a lot of pictures!! Here are a few pics of my recent finds:

                      great oil painting that needs to be tacked back in the frame (may be a keeper,hmm)
 look familiar?? It is very similiar to the one I painted turquoise not too long ago. (and sold, snif, snif)
vanity bench just added to the project list!!

BTW I actually planted and grew (read kept alive) the lillies pictured above. Have a Happy Half New Year's tomorrow!!  Peace my friends!

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